Bakemaster Medium Deep Roasting Pan 34 x 26 x 7cm


A heavy duty roasting pan ideal for roasting meat, poultry and vegetables. Features a double non-stick coating and sloped sides for easy removal.

Use & Care:

This product is dishwasher, oven and freezer safe. Wash thoroughly before first use. Always use an oven glove when in use. Suitable for use on a direct heat source on medium to low heat. Take extra care with ceramic induction stove tops that heat quickly, if overheated, turn off the heat source and leave to cool. Avoid pouring cold water directly into the heated pan. Never leave unattended on a direct heat source and ensure there is contents in the heated pan. Always lift and do not slide the pan on easy-scratch surfaces. Regularly inspect the item for any damage and discard if dropped and chipped.

Style number: 40082


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