Avanti Cheese Cloth 90 x 250cm


The Avanti cheesecloth is a multi-purpose cloth made of durable, lint-free cotton fibre. Great for a variety of culinary uses, including making cheese, straining soups and sauces, basting turkeys, forming herb and spice bags and steaming fish and puddings. The cheese cloth leaves no unwanted taste so you can enjoy the untainted flavour of your food and drink. Simply cut to size as required. Also ideal for hundreds of uses in the home, including, polishing, cleaning windows and mirrors, finishing furniture, and protecting shrubbery and plants.

  • 100% cotton lint free gauze
  • 90cm x 250cm (2.5m2)
  • Selvage edge
  • Soft, absorbent and reusable

Style number: 12684


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