Birkenstock or Birken-sock??

Here at Assef's Moree, we know that Birkenstocks are popular for more than one reason. They're comfortable walking shoes with support that's good for the sole, and bright, vibrant patterns that are good for the... soul.

But Birkenstock sandals can also be a source of contention when it comes to socks. Some say socks are essential when wearing the Arizona Birkenstock, while others shake their heads in disgust at the thought of it. The Birken-sock does have many benefits; increased padding, increased warmth and

Socks or no socks, Birkenstock sandals really are the perfect Summer shoe for men and women; breezy (especially without socks) and comfortable for long periods of time. You'll forget you're even wearing shoes!

Choose Birkenstocks this Summer, your feet will thank you for it.

Assef's stocks hundreds of Birkenstocks including the popular Arizona, Gizeh, Madrid, Mayari, Rio and more, with many available in either the regular or narrow fit. 

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