Avanti Jumbo Non-Stick Roasting Rack


Strong, durable and sturdy, the Avanti® Jumbo Nonstick Roasting Rack is ideal for turkeys and family sized roasts. It cooks poultry and meat evenly by raising the meat to allow consistent heat circulation for better browning and less shrinking. Featuring a silicone nonstick coating, the rack will not pull off chicken or turkey skin and offers easy release and clean up. The V-shape grills firmly hold and fit any size bird, lamb, beef or joint of pork. Fats drip down into a pan for healthier cooking and it allows the meat to roast to lean perfection whilst tasty juices can be caught for gravy.

  • Strong, durable and sturdy jumbo size
  • Silicone non stick coating
  • Permits even heat circulation & browning
  • Keeps all meat clear of fat & roasting juices
  • Wide side handles for easy lifting

Use & Care

  • Always helpful to spray roasting rack with oil before use.
  • Hand wash recommended

Style number: 12502


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